For a time from 2020-21, Kenny Omega and Roman Reigns were the top performers in their respective promotions.

Widely considered two of the top performers of their era for their incredible combination of compelling storytelling, faction-building, and in-ring action, Omega and Reigns were able to hold multiple championships at the top of their respective cards and helped to define the future of their promotions with their eventual losses too, with the former setting up the eventual feud between “Hangman” Adam Page and CM Punk that changed AEW forever, while the latter set up Cody Rhodes to become the top guy in WWE in addition to his burgoning storyline with The Rock.

While few fans will directly compare Omega and Reigns one-on-one, what do the duo think about each other as champions and performers? Well, while we don't know Reigns' take on Omega in 2024, the “Best Bout Machine” gave props to the “Tribal Chief” for his time as champion in his unofficial WrestleMania review on his Twitch channel, noting that he did his job “immaculately.”

“I think Roman (Reigns) has been an incredible champion and company spokesperson. I think he did his job immaculately, and I think it took a lot of guts and intestinal fortitude (for) him to stick with a lot of the backlash and hatred he received over the years from fans and otherwise,” Kenny Omega explained on Twitch via Post Wrestling. “He really stuck to his game, upped his game, got better and better with each and every performance, and I think if it weren't for his incredible growth as a champion, you wouldn't have had such an emotional finale to the most recent WrestleMania. So I have the utmost respect for Roman. I think he was the one of the greatest WWE Champions that you just wanted to see someone win the belt off of, which is very important. It's important to wanna see your champion hold the belt, but it's also important to have a champion where you can't wait until someone just actually takes it off of 'em, you know what I mean? So I think in that regard, he was one of the greatest.”

Welp, there you go, folks; not only does Omega not have an issue with CM Punk, but he likes Reigns too, celebrating his efforts not only as a champion in the ring but as a spokesperson for WWE. In the end, that sort of objectivity deserves credit from even the most anti-AEW fan around.

Kenny Omega has love for Seth Rollins too.

Elsewhere on his Twitch stream, Kenny Omega commented on some of the other big wrestlers from WrestleMania 40, including Seth Rollins, a performer many have compared to the “Best Bout Machine” for years. While some fans may consider Rollins a poor ripoff of Omega or vice versa, in the end, the duo have no issues between them, as they actually came up as friends together in PWG and Ring of Honor.

“And again, being a fan of Seth (Rollins) and actually… not intentionally, but Seth and I have kind of very similar styles. I think our outlooks to wrestling are pretty similar too,” Kenny Omega explained. “Maybe a little different now, but I remember when we were both doing our thing in PWG, and we traveled a lot together, actually, back in the Ring of Honor days. We were all always hanging out together. I'd sort of found a bit of kindred spirit a little bit. We had very similar music tastes. I was of course a little more into nerdier stuff than Seth. I'm a huge gamer as you guys may or may not know. But no, we were both very much invested into telling stories using our natural athletic ability.”

Discussing the prospects of bringing a WWE star or two over to the G1 to test their mettle in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Omega named three performers he'd love to see in wrestling's top mettle-testing tournament in the world, with Rollins making it onto the very exclusive list.

“I've said it before, I've said it a million times. Ilja Dragunov would be the best guy to have. He just embodies that style,” Omega explained via EWrestling News. “Gunther in the G1 would be exactly who'd you want to see. You'd have to see something like that. And being a fan of Seth [Rollins, I'd love to see him compete.]”

You know, while Omega says he doesn't do much as an EVP, the prospects of throwing Dragunov, Gunther, or even Rollins into the ring with the likes of Zack Sabre Jr, Shingo Takagi, and even AEW performers like Omega, Kazuchika Okada, Jay White, and Jon Moxley – could you even imagine? – would be a pretty incredible sight to see. Will WWE ever let it happen? No, probably not, but hey, it would be amazing.