Alabama football coach Nick Saban named Jalen Milroe the starting quarterback for this season, despite not playing him over Tyler Buchner and Ty Simpson against South Florida last weekend, and he elaborated on that decision by confidently stating that he is the guy to lead them after being satisfied with how he responded in practice this week.

“Jalen did that this week, and I'm pleased with his performance. He's got nothing to prove here. He's our guy. He's the guy that we have confidence in,” Nick Saban said, via Matt Connolly of “I just had a meeting with him a little bit ago. Clean up some fundamental things and watch him play.”

Saban also went into his handling of Jalen Milroe along with Tyler Buchner and Ty Simpson.

“I think that, first off, the other quarterbacks had very close competition. And they didn't really get much of an opportunity to play,” Nick Saban said, via Connolly. “So we started this conversation [with Milroe] with the fact that, ‘Hey, we're going to maybe look at somebody else playing the position. May last for a quarter or whatever. But then, you've gotta get ready to play, and I want to see you handle this.”

It will be interesting to see how Milroe fares. He received criticism after throwing two interceptions in the loss to Texas. However, it is clear that Saban and the program believe he can perform.

Alabama will face off against Ole Miss on Saturday in their first conference game of the season.