Everyone in the league knows that the Detroit Pistons are open for business with the trade deadline fast approaching. Armed with a few quality veterans that could help contending teams with their playoff pushes, the Pistons should cash in on their trade assets given their status as rebuilders. And accordingly, the Pistons appear willing to sell on their coveted assets, including coveted sharpshooter Bojan Bogdanovic. However, playoff-caliber teams that miss out on the Croatian sharpshooter could pursue another Pistons veteran to bolster their shot-creation. Enter Alec Burks.

The Pistons acquired Alec Burks, along with Nerlens Noel, this past offseason in a salary-dump trade with the New York Knicks. Burks started 44 games for the Knicks last season as their starting point guard following the demotion of former All-Star Kemba Walker. He seemed overburdened with leading an offense last season, but with the Pistons, he seems have to slid into his more natural, secondary ball-handler role, and it has paid dividends for him.

Through 32 games off the Pistons bench, Burks has averaged 14 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 2.2 dimes on a career-best 46.3 percent shooting from the field. He's also making 2.0 threes on 4.4 attempts per game (good for a sterling 43.8 percent) – a stellar number for someone averaging only 21.9 minutes per night. Burks may not be the flashiest name on the trade market, but he can get the job done when called upon. Moreover, he shouldn't cost a lot in a potential trade, making him an appealing addition should a team decide to pursue him.

Here are three of Alec Burks' most ideal trade destinations should the Pistons decide to pull the trigger on a deal.

Dallas Mavericks

It's no secret that the Mavs, despite having Luka Doncic as the sun through which their offensive orbit revolves around, are in need of another ballhandler, especially after the departure of Jalen Brunson for the Knicks. Sure, Doncic has been on a tear, and the Mavs have climbed up the Western Conference standings in recent weeks as a result. But for Dallas to cement themselves as bonafide contenders, they will need to acquire another shot-creator to help Doncic, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Christian Wood with their considerable offensive burden.

Thus, Alec Burks could be a shrewd acquisition.

Burks is not a franchise-altering talent by any means. However, Burks gets the job done, and he will provide the Mavs with another player who could create shots both for himself and for others.

It's unclear what the Mavs would choose to dangle in a potential Alec Burks trade. Reggie Bullock seems to be the most logical candidate to be involved in such a trade, Tim Hardaway Jr. trade talks notwithstanding.

Bullock has seen his numbers plummet following a terrific postseason showing where he got to show off his 3 and D exploits. His shooting numbers may yet regress to the mean, and his perimeter defense is still a valuable asset, but with the Mavs looking to maximize Doncic's stellar play, he could become a trade casualty especially if he doesn't pull his weight.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo, remain one of the more convincing title contenders around the league despite their uneven play in recent weeks. Khris Middleton's eventual return from a knee injury should help the Bucks navigate the dregs of the regular season more easily as he gives Milwaukee another weapon to draw attention away from Antetokounmpo.

Nevertheless, the championship race is an arms race as well, and the Bucks could end up pursuing Alec Burks if their other trade pursuits, such as Jae Crowder, fall through.

Grayson Allen could make way in a potential Burks trade with the Pistons. Allen may have a better track record as a sniper, but Burks is more versatile on both ends of the floor. The 6'4 Pistons guard may not move the needle much, but in a championship pursuit setting, Burks makes more sense as a complementary piece around Antetokounmpo, Middleton, and Jrue Holiday when the playoff game slows down to a crawl.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves were one of the league's biggest surprises last season, finishing with 46 wins and pushing the Memphis Grizzlies to an extremely competitive six-game first-round series. However, the Rudy Gobert trade hasn't worked out as well for them as they had hoped. Through 42 games (and the absence of Karl-Anthony Towns), the Timberwolves have gone just 20-22.

Nonetheless, they remain in the thick of the play-in hunt, and Alec Burks could give them another weapon to help them keep up in the cutthroat Western Conference.

With Jordan McLaughlin out, the Timberwolves have relied upon Austin Rivers, Jaylen Nowell, and Bryn Forbes to absorb minutes at the guard positions behind or alongside D'Angelo Russell. Burks is a better player than all of them. Alas, it's unclear just how much draft capital the Timberwolves could stomach to trade away still in the aftermath of the Gobert trade.