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Texas A&M savagely trolled by Appalachian State football fans on College Gameday

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Texas A&M football was shockingly upset last week by the Appalachian State Mountaineers, an unranked Sun Belt conference squad that snuck up on the Aggies with a 17-14 victory. It was a stunning loss for Jimbo Fisher’s Aggies, but also a defining moment for Appalachian State football and their fans.

As such, it’s not a win that the Mountaineers will be forgetting anytime soon. And that’s unfortunate for Texas A&M Aggies football fans, as the Appalachian State faithful took full advantage of their appearance on College Gameday Saturday morning, savagely trolling the Aggies for last week’s stunning result. Here are some of the best savage burns from College Gameday.

Ahhh, yes. Nothing like a good Star Wars meme. And this one was used to perfection by this Appalachian State football fan, who is referencing the $1.5 million the Mountaineers were paid to play Texas A&M as a non-conference opponent. But they took that joke and ran with it.

Ouch. This Appalachian State Mountaineers football fan is referring to the Aggies as an ATM. And not just any ATM, but the “only one that lets you withdraw $1.5 million. Now that is savage.

But the trolling didn’t stop there. Mountaineers fans couldn’t help but notice that a certain team wasn’t present on the set of College Gameday.

What’s missing? Just ‘A’ and ‘M’, that’s all. These Mountaineers fans sure came to College Gameday with all of the ammunition.

If you have any friends that are Texas A&M football fans, please go check on them to make sure they’re ok.