Not only did the Houston Astros win the World Series, but the players will also make MLB history for the insane, 6-figure postseason shares they'll be taking home. The Astros' postseason shares are the largest in league history, according to Mark Feinsand of

“Houston’s shares this year are worth $516,347 each thanks to a record players’ pool of $107.5 million, up 19 percent from last year’s pool of $90.5 million. The previous record for a postseason share came in 2017, when the Astros cashed in $438,901.57 each for winning the World Series.”

According to Feinsand, the Astros postseason shares amount to $516,347, breaking the previous record- also set by Houston- of $438,901.57 set by Houston after their 2017 World Series win. The club issued 59 total shares.

Astros players can thank the MLB's new Wild Card Round series, which was included in the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the first time this season.

Thanks to the extra round in the playoffs, the player pool increased from the $90.5 million total to the wild $107.5 million prize of this year.

And the Astros, in addition to securing the second World Series title in franchise history, received the largest cut of the most lucrative postseason winnings in MLB history.

While the players' pockets fatten thanks to the world championship, the team also raked in some revenue, which they would be smart to reinvest back into the club.

The most pressing matters in free agency are the same as the they were at the trade deadline. Upgrade the catcher spot and find a new starting first baseman. It also wouldn't hurt to re-sign Justin Verlander.

Do that and the Astors could be reeling in some more World Series winnings next year, too.