Here's our Baldur's Gate 3 guide on how the player can increase the Approval of Lae'zel, as well as how to romance her afterward.

Baldur's Gate 3 – Lae'zel Romance and Approval Guide

To romance a character, the player must first increase that character's Approval of them. This is affected by the player's words during conversations, as well as their actions during the game. Needless to say, each Companion in Baldur's Gate 3 has different likes or dislikes. What works for one Companion will not necessarily work for the other. As such, the player must adjust their actions depending on whose approval they are trying to raise,

Lae'zel Approval Guide

To increase Lae'zel's approval of the player, they must first understand what Lae'zel likes and dislikes. Here is a general list of the things that Lae'zel likes and dislikes when it comes to conversation and actions:

  • Approval up:
    • Lae'zel prefers loud and direct actions. Picking the straightforward options and actions will increase the player's Approval.
    • Perhaps connected to the previous point, she likes it when the player does actions that subjugate others, especially insulting and violent ones.
    • Lae'zel dislikes getting sidetracked, and in turn, hates sidequests. Rejecting sidequests increases her's approval of the player.
    • Following the militaristic principles of Githyanki society rewards the player with additional approval. This includes martial prowess, self-sacrifice, and unwavering duty.
    • Speaking of the Githyanki, Lae'zel will appreciate it whenever the player shows pro-Githyanki sentiment. Whenever the option presents itself to side with the Gith, the player should do so.
    • Lae'zel dislikes Shadowheart and as such likes to go against what Shadowheart wants and says. Listening to her and doing things her way instead of Shadowheart's increases the player's approval with her.
  • Approval down:
    • If the player decides to follow Shadowheart's advice and actions instead of Lae'zel's, her approval of the player goes down.
    • As mentioned above, she hates getting sidetracked, and she hates roundabout ways of doing things. Accepting sidequests, as well as completing objectives using methods other than head-on will lower her approval of the player.
    • Lae'zel also hates it whenever the player decides to side with the weak. This goes against her militaristic upbringing of siding with the strong.
    • Since being pro-Gith increases her approval of the player, it stands to reason that showing anti-Gith sentiment will lower her approval of the player.
    • If the player decides to do things in a non-violent way, such as negotiating (that doesn't involve intimidation), sneaking, and the like, she will voice her disapproval.

Should the player want to pursue dialogue options, actions, or quests that will cause Lae'zel's Approval to go down, it is possible to do so in a way that will prevent the Approval from lowering. The player can do this by leaving Lae'zel in the camp, or by making sure that he is not nearby when the player does the quest or dialogue.

Lae'zel Romance Guide

Act 1

To romance Lae'zel in Act 1, the player must first reach a certain point of approval with her. Afterward, they must make some progress in the main storyline. For Lae'zel, the player must first complete the Druid's Grove questline, choosing to rescue Halsin and the refugees. Afterward, they must then take a long rest at their campsite. Upon finishing the long rest, the refugees will hold a celebration for the player and their companions. The player can then go to Lae'zel to initiate a conversation. They will then need to make the following dialogue options:

  • Are you… asking for sex?
  • Yes. I will share my bed with you tonight.

Afterward, the player must return to their bedroll and interact with it for the chance to go to bed with Lae'zel. This will lead to a cutscene of the player spending a romantic evening with Lae'zel. However, there are two different scenes depending on how the player reacts to her demands. As long as the player doesn't leave, it should be fine.

Alternatively, the player can also receive a romantic night with Lae'zel by increasing her approval of you ahead of the celebration. After increasing her approval, the player can talk to her and select the following option:

  • Is it me, or have you been looking at me differently?

The player must then select options that show their interest in her. This will lead to the same scene as above.

Act 2

Before heading to how to romance Lae'zel in Act 2, it's important to note that the player must continue her Companion Quest into the Githyanki Creche. This is an important flag that the player must raise before heading into Act 3. Otherwise, the romance scenes in Act 3 won't happen. When doing the companion quest, the player must side with Voss when he offers his help.

Now, let's dive into Act 2 itself. The romance scene with Lae'zel can trigger after going to sleep. Lae'zel will wake the player and tell them that she can't stop thinking about them in a romantic way. The player can select any option other than telling Lae'zel that they want to sleep or telling Lae'zel to leave. Lae'zel will then challenge the player to a duel, which they must accept.

The fight can be difficult, but the player doesn't actually have to win the fight. There are different dialogues depending on whether the player wins or not, but the end result is still the same.  Lae'zel will tell the player that she belongs to them. The player must then select the following options:

  • Pull her close. Press her lips against hers/I am yours.

This leads to an intimate kiss between the player and Lae'zel. Alternatively, they can go for a different route:

  • This is the mighty Lae'zel? What an embarrassment. You've gone soft.
  • Take her

This will lead to a more passionate kiss. Either way, the player will succeed in romancing Lae'zel.

Act 3

As mentioned above, the player must advance through Lae'zel's companion quest to progress with romancing her. To be specific, the player must side with Voss to take down Vlaakith. They must then obtain the Orphic Hammer from Raphael, either by accepting his deal or stealing it from him. The player must also make sure that Lae'zel isn't kidnapped. Should she be kidnapped, the player must rescue her from Orin.

Once the player has the Orphic hammer, Vlaakith will visit during the night after the player reaches the Lower City. She will then offer Lae'zel the chance to ascend. The player must choose the following option:

  • Stand your ground. Don't fall for Vlaakith's lies.

After Vlaakith leaves, the player should talk to Lae'zel and select one of the following options:

  • I prefer heat. Ravage me, show me no mercy/Yes. I've longed for a tender touch

After having a long rest, Lae'zel will wake the player up in the morning. The player can select any option for the first prompt, but must select the following to continue the romance:

  • Of course. I could never resist you/All right, this better be good

She will then take the player to watch the sunrise. The player can select any option for the first prompt, then choose the following option:

  • I've been waiting so long to hear those words. I will stay with you, come what may.

This will lead to the player and Lae'zel holding hands and sharing an intimate moment as they watch the sunrise.

That's all the information we have about how to romance Lae'zel. We also have guides for Gale, Shadowheart, Astarion, and Wyll should you be interested in romancing other characters. The game is available on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam and GOG.

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