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Behold one of the worst calls you’ll ever see in Brewers’ game vs. Marlins

Brewers, Marlins

Umpire Marty Foster made one of the most ridiculous calls you will ever see in an MLB game during Wednesday’s contest between the Miami Marlins and Milwaukee Brewers.

Marlins infielder Isan Diaz hit a little dribbler down the first-base line. The ball was fielded by Brewers pitcher Zack Godley, who promptly got the out at first.

Only, Foster had something else in store. He called interference on Godley, thus awarding Diaz first base:

The call was bad enough. But it was made worse by the fact Diaz was running in the infield grass. If anything, he was the one to initiate (phantom) contact with Godley.

An out call would have given the Brewers two for the inning. Instead, the Marlins managed to scratch another run across in the second thanks in part to Foster’s questionable umpiring.

Things just did not go Godley’s way on Wednesday. Not only was he victimized by a horrendous obstruction call, but also struggled to find the strike zone. Godley gave up just a single hit in three innings. However, he walked five Marlins and hit two more. Godley also had two wild pitches. Just a very strange scene in Milwaukee.

Things have actually gone pretty well for the Brewers, Wednesday’s game aside. Milwaukee has an early lead in the NL Central thanks to an outstanding rotation led by Corbin Burnes and Brandon Woodruff. The lineup has struggled to put the ball in play, as the Brewers rank second in the majors in strikeouts. But they find ways to keep winning even without Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain.

Miami has also managed to stay competitive, with a slew of impressive arms in the rotation and young, breakout stars like Jazz Chisolm leading the way.