The Miami Dolphins defeated the Denver Broncos in historic fashion on Sunday, winning by a final score of 70-20. The loss led to frustration for Sean Payton and Denver. On Monday, Payton discussed the Broncos' next steps after falling to 0-3 in the devastating defeat.

“The attention to detail of what we’re doing at practice has to improve,” Payton said, via Andrew Mason of Denver Sports. “We as coaches have to look closely at what we’re asking them to do … you take a butt-whupping like that, you find out a lot about everyone.”

Payton also admitted that the short-term future will not be fun for the Broncos, per Mason as well.

“Today’s not gonna be fun, and it probably won’t be fun anytime soon until we start winning some games.”

Broncos in trouble

The Broncos are 0-3 and their playoff odds are already slim. It's still early in the season and there's time to turn things around. However, Denver needs to get back on track as soon as possible. Otherwise, Sean Payton's first year with the Broncos will be a lost one.

Payton understandably wasn't thrilled after the loss. Starting slow in a season is one thing, but losing by 50 points in the third week of a year has to feel like a true gut punch.

Denver will have an opportunity to win their first game of 2023 in Week 4 against a struggling Chicago Bears squad. That said, the Broncos will play on the road versus the Bears. Still, given Chicago's forgettable start to their season, Denver should have a chance to bounce back.