If you're like me, the news that Cayley Jenner is pregnant again with Brandon Jenner had you saying… wait, who are Cayley and Brandon Jenner? Apparently not all Jenners are running around dating superstars like Bad Bunny and Devin Booker, some are living quieter lives at home with their growing families.

Brandon Jenner is the older son of Caitlyn Jenner and actress/songwriter Linda Thompson, and the big brother of Brody Jenner. This of course also makes him the step-brother to a slew of Kardashians. But Brandon has his own unique identity too, you guys! Brandon is probably best known for his role as a 20-something millenial on the reality television series The Princes of Malibu.

Apparently since then, he's gotten married (to musician Leah Felder), had a kid (Eva, 8), gotten divorced, gotten remarried to Cayley Jenner (formerly Cayley Stoker) and had two more kids (twins Bo and Sam, 4). Now Brandon and Cayley Jenner have announced exclusively to People that they are expecting another baby together in August.

Cayley, 38, explained to People that she tried to surprise husband Brandon, 42, with the big news in December, but he somehow already knew. “When I went to tell Brandon that night as we were getting ready for bed he totally beat me to the punch,” Cayley recollected.

“I had the tests in my pocket and I was going to just lay them down as he was brushing his teeth, but before I could do it, he looked at me and said, ‘So how pregnant do you think you are?' I was floored,” said Cayley.

Ooh, that sounds like the makings of Brandon's next great reality show – How Pregnant Do You Think You Are? where Brandon just walks up to people on the street he suspects of being pregnant and surprises them with that question. Actually, as I think that one through, that could very badly backfire in a number of ways. Let's put a pin in that show idea.

Anyway, the comment went over much better with Brandon's own wife Cayley — the two laughed, hugged and kissed to celebrate. “Then, we laid in bed and laughed hysterically thinking about how wild it would be if we had twins again,” Cayley explained.

Then Cayley shared some extra special nuggets of intimacy by revealing, “We conceived on Thanksgiving, which is so cute and special. I feel so grateful to get to do it all over again.” Good to know there was no tryptophan turkey coma for these Jenners on Thanksgiving night!

Cayley further revealed, “We are just over the moon to be adding another baby to the family, and we can’t wait to meet him/her.”

She added that they won't know the sex of the baby until birth. “We didn’t find out the sex of the boys — and we will keep it a surprise again this time.”

“Well that's just f—-g great!” yelled Malibu gender reveal cake designers everywhere, before throwing their sample cakes to the ground in anger and a fit of wasteful rage.

Everyone else, however, is ecstatic about the news, because if there's one thing people love, it's celebrities having babies. Especially in an idyllic setting like Malibu. So congrats, Cayley and Brandon Jenner! And Grandma Caitlyn, good luck buying all those holiday presents this year for your already expansive extended family, because it's about to get a little bigger.