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Celtics’ Marcus Morris appears to take jab at former Suns GM Ryan McDonough

Marcus Morris Ryan McDonough

Boston Celtics big man Marcus Morris took some thinly veiled shots at former Phoenix Suns general manager Ryan McDonough over social media. On Tuesday, Morris declared that he can love Phoenix again after a report surfaced that the team is leaning towards hiring James Jones as their full-time general manager.

Of course, one could argue that Morris tweeted this as support for Jones and not a jab at McDonough. But on Monday, Morris also retweeted Shams Charania of The Athletic’s breaking news stating that McDonough had been fired. Furthermore, his twin brother, Markieff, took a jab at McDonough after the news broke of McDonough’s firing.

Morris, 29, spent two-plus dreadful seasons with the Suns. He improved dramatically after leaving Phoenix for the Detroit Pistons, and he has continued that success with the Celtics.

McDonough spent 10 years with Danny Ainge and the Celtics before he was hired by the Suns in 2013. It’s unclear if McDonough would return to Boston at this stage in his career, but if he did, that would make for one interesting reunion between himself and Morris.

Morris’ dislike for McDonough is evident, but as we learn more about the culture in Phoenix, it looks like the dysfunction was coming from the top down. Owner Robert Sarver was heavily interfering in basketball operations, according to reports, and this could not have made life easy for McDonough.

McDonough’s tenure with Phoenix will undoubtedly be seen as a failure, but leaving the Suns could be the best thing for him. After all, Marcus Morris knows what happens after you leave the Suns. Things start clicking.