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S Derwin James’ message to Jalen Ramsey following trade request from Jaguars

Derwin James, Jalen Ramsey

Cornerback Jalen Ramsey wants out of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Chargers safety Derwin James sees a perfect new spot for him: Los Angeles.

On a Bleacher Report Instagram post of Ramsey’s trade request from Jacksonville, James commented in not-so-cryptic 2019 lingo: two lightning bolt emojis.

It’s well-known that James and Ramsey are good friends and consider themselves brothers after their respective tenures at Florida State. Before the 2018 NFL Draft, Ramsey went public to tell everyone that James is the best player in that draft (he was an All-Pro his rookie season, so maybe he’s right?) and even attended his pro-day for support.

In January, Ramsey noted that their time together at Florida State was too short (one year) and that he hopes the two team up down the line. Via Shannon Person of Black Sports Online:

“Our time in Florida State was too short just because it was my last year, I knew I was leaving and I knew it was his turn to take over the legacy and do what he was going to do… We always talk about hopefully one day in our career we can team up for good – one day down the line. For now, we continue to get to the Pro Bowl and be on each other team at Pro Bowl.”

The Jaguars aren’t going to make it easy for the two to team up again. The team is looking for considerable compensation in return, including a first-round pick. Luckily, the Chargers haven’t traded any future first-rounders. Ramsey’s contract extension is another thing, as he wants to be paid with his rookie deal ending in two years.