Los Angeles Chargers star Justin Herbert is in a precarious situation with regards to his injury right now. The star quarterback suffered a rib injury in Week 2 against the Kansas City Chiefs. As a result, the team is being extremely cautious with his recovery right now. They have assigned a team doctor to coordinate with Herbert in his recovery.

However, said Chargers doctor is also currently under fire from another NFL quarterback. Tyrod Taylor, currently a backup for the New York Giants, is apparently in the middle of a lawsuit against team doctor David S. Gazzaniga. According to documents collected by ESPN, Taylor is suing the doctor regarding a punctured lung injury he suffered in 2020.

Taylor, then a starter for the Chargers, suffered the aforementioned injury in the 2020 season (ironically, against the Chiefs). The QB alleges that attempts by Dr. Gazzaniga to administer a pain-killing jab resulted in “severe physical pain resulting in hospitalization, physical therapy, emotional distress and other past pain and suffering.”

Tyrod Taylor then proceeds to claim in his lawsuit that this medical malpractice eventually led to him losing his starting role on the Chargers. It's a big lawsuit, and is something that will perhaps worry a couple of fans regarding Justin Herbert's injury.

After his ill-fated stint with the Chargers, Taylor signed a one-year deal with the Houston Texans. He was named the starter of the team, and kept that role until an injury knocked him out of the season. Now, he's currently serving as the backup QB for the Giants behind Daniel Jones.