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Chargers QB Philip Rivers excited to get another chance to face Patriots

philip rivers

The last time Philip Rivers faced the New England Patriots in the playoffs, it was January 2008 and the Patriots were trying to complete an undefeated season.

The then-San Diego Chargers gave the Patriots a good fight in the AFC Championship Game, but ultimately lost.

Now, Rivers will get another shot at New England, and he is excited for the opportunity:

“It’s exciting to get another chance,” Rivers said, according to Ricky Henne of the Chargers’ official team website. “I think it just goes to show, unless you’re the Patriots and I know there’s some other teams that get in the postseason a lot, it’s hard. They’ve been in the conference championship I think seven or eight in a row or whatever, but for most of us it’s not that easy to get in and when you get in and now you know you’re one of eight teams, that’s all you can ask for is a chance.”

Rivers is right: it is hard, and he knows that better than anyone.

Since that fateful night in January 2008, the Chargers have now made the playoffs just three times since, losing to the New York Jets and the Denver Broncos, respectively, in Divisional Rounds in January 2010 and January 2014.

Los Angeles got its postseason off to a good start this past Sunday with a win over the Baltimore Ravens, but things are about to get much tougher, as the Chargers will be facing a rested Patriots team that has gone 8-0 at home this year.

The good news is that Los Angeles has now gone 8-1 on the road after its victory in Baltimore, so this should be a great one.