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Julian Edelman reacts to Patrick Mahomes’ concussion in Chiefs-Browns playoff game

Julian Edelman, Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs, Browns, concussion

Julian Edelman is hoping Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a speedy recovery from his concussion.

Taking to Twitter following the injury sustained by Mahomes, Edelman sent prayers to the Chiefs passer, noting that you don’t like seeing an injury like that.

The injury occurred halfway through the third quarter when Mahomes scrambled and tried to run with the ball. He was taken down from behind hard, which caused the concussion. He would come up slowly after the tackle and was shown stumbling and uncoordinated while heading into the locker room.

Despite the injury, the Chiefs were still able to win the game an advance to the AFC Championship Game, beating the Cleveland Browns 22-17. Chad Henne led the Chiefs for the rest of the game following the injury but struggled, throwing for only 66 yards while tossing an interception.

There is no official update on Mahomes’ condition, but he will be required to go through the NFL’s concussion protocol before he is allowed to practice in preparation for the Chiefs’ AFC Championship Game against the Buffalo Bills. In a season that has been most affected by a non-football-related issue, that being COVID-19, if Mahomes is not able to play next weekend this will be the most impactful injury of the season.

With Mahomes being a competitor, including multiple stories on his competitiveness and how he handles practice coming out, he will make every effort to be on the field next week, but the NFL is very strict on their concussion protocols due to lawsuits filed against the league by former players due to their concussion issues after retiring.