The Kansas City Chiefs are going through a rough patch of their season, losing three of their past five games. Their losses have come against quality opponents — the rising Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers, as well as the Philadelphia Eagles — but these are the kind of games the Chiefs are used to winning. Now, the Chiefs have another tough opponent in the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are having a mixed year, but proved they're still challengers with their narrow overtime loss to the Eagles.

For quarterback Patrick Mahomes, he follows coach Andy Reid's approach to rebounding after these tough losses.

“Yeah, I think I learned from Coach (Andy) Reid. I mean, you always see him; he’s never too high, never too low,” Mahomes explained. “He’s focused on the task at hand. How can we get into the best position to play the best football we can on that day?” via Ed Easton Jr. of USA Today.

“So that’s how my mindset is: no matter if we win, and everybody loves us, or if we lose, and everybody’s kind of down on us, you just got to focus on how can I get myself better and prepare for that next game. I think if you do that, that puts everything where you can kind of in perspective where you can go out there and just be the best you; you can be.”

In the past, Mahomes has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL at overcoming obstacles and coming back from mistakes. He's excelled at coming back from deficits, and never being out of a game — including when he helped the Chiefs head to overtime with just 13 seconds left the last time he faced the Bills in the playoffs.

However, the Chiefs have had a harder time pulling off miracle wins over the past month. No matter how much magic Mahomes has, it won't matter if his receivers drop potential game-winning touchdowns or controversial penalties get in the way.