Clay Travis of Outkick recently made headlines when he said, ““A good, state champion caliber, high school boys team would smoke the best team in the WNBA.”

Now Adam Ferrone, co-host of Pat Beverly's podcast “The Pat Bev Pod,” has told Travis to put up or shut up:

Ferrone made it clear that he would take the WNBA team in the bet, telling Travis that he could “can go ahead and pick (his) local Tennessee Division 4 or whatever basketball team, your local team, your state champion. Set it up. I have the million. Where's your million? I have mine on me right now.”

At that point Beverly jumped in to verify he had the million, “You really do. You're wild.”

Continued Ferrone, “I'm telling you right now dude. Your state champion basketball team against a WNBA team. I have a million on me right now brother.”

Ferrone finished with a final message for Travis, “Get off the drugs. Seek help.”

For context, Travis initially made the comments in February, but they resurfaced after the Aces won their second consecutive championship:

The online community quickly fired back, with many criticizing Travis’s take as disrespectful of the quality level in the WNBA. Among the voices was Las Vegas Aces guard Chelsea Gray, a three-time champion herself, who tweeted at Clay Travis on Wednesday, calling him a “dumbass” in response to his claim.

Travis then doubled down on his assertion, tweeting his readiness at Chelsea Gray to place a $1 million bet on the line. He challenged the Aces to a face-off against a 2024 high school boys’ state champion team of his choosing, with the stakes high and the winnings destined for the boys’ team should they triumph.

It remains to be seen if Travis will accept the bet and, if he does, if a boys team and the Aces or any other WNBA team would be interested.