Has Colorado football been overhyped? Or talked about too much?

The Buffaloes have certainly been the talk of college football, especially after upsetting TCU 45-42 in Week 1. This only continued after Colorado got out to a 3-0 start to the season. However, when Oregon blew the Buffaloes out 42-6, many college football fans and viewers called out the media for talking about Deion Sanders and the Buffaloes excessively.

In response to those critics, Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd offered a unique take on all the coverage surrounding Deion Sanders and Colorado football.

“We're appropriately promoting [Deion],” Cowherd said. “You know how I know, because the ratings are great. I've worked at TV networks, TV stations for 30 years. They hype everything. They market everything, promote everything. When it doesn't get ratings, that's overhyped. Colorado is smashing ratings, beating Texas-Bama,” via The Herd.

“What is over-reported is this nonsense that a lot of people hate Deion Sanders for a lot of reasons. He's very divisive. No he's not, he's fun.”

It's true that though Sanders and the Buffaloes may not have fully lived up to the hype versus the Ducks, they have in the ratings department. The Buffaloes have pulled in record amounts of viewers thanks to Deion's squad, and made the Colorado football program relevant on the bigger college football stage for the first time in year.

This was exemplified during their Week 3 win over Colorado State. The double overtime thriller took in a whopping 9.3 million viewers, the largest audience ever recorded for an ESPN late-night college football game.