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Daniel Cormier breaks silence on Jon Jones’ Domestic Violence issues

Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones have been rivals for a very long time. The two have fought in the cage twice and gone back and forth countless times.

Jon Jones has recently been arrested for Domestic Violence in Las Vegas and is due in court this month. Daniel Cormier recently spoke out on his YouTube channel about his issues.

“The scariest part about this is in these moments when people who have issues start to lose the closes allies, they could go one of two ways: One way, they could go to the top and get their shit together. Or, they can actually just plummet,” Cormier said in a recent YouTube video he uploaded (transcription via Bloody Elbow).

“So I think it’s gonna be very important for the people that are closest to Jones to really try to help him decide figure how he’s gonna go forward. Because this is that slippery slope.

“It’s time for wholesale changes. Because now, you’re looking at Winkeljohn’s gone, Jackson’s gone, Malki Kawa’s gone, Abraham Kawa’s gone. All of his greatest allies are starting to fall off, one by one.

“So when you’re left alone, how do you answer? And you start to hear the voices chirping. All the doubt, the questions as to how you ended up there, how do you deal with that?

“For people that have issues, they don’t normally deal with that very well. So this is a big moment for Jon Jones.”

Daniel Cormier has put the rivalry with Jon Jones behind him and shows real concern for the person. Cormier famously disliked Jones for years.

The two have brawled at a press conference and exchanged some very nasty words. It appears all of that is in the past.

“We don’t kick people when they’re down. In all the build-up when we said nasty things about each other, talked about each other, that’s in the build. That’s whenever this guy’s on his game, he’s getting ready to fight. But when a man’s down, you don’t kick him. You wait until he’s back on his feet,” Cormier said of Jones.

“Right now, he’s the furthest thing from his feet. This is a bad place for Jon Jones, especially as the allies start to drop off.

“We’ll never be friends. But human to human, you gotta get your shit right. And show some remorse. Before you hit that send button on these tweets, you’ve got to think about what you’re saying because it seems as though you tell yourself so many lies that you start to believe them.”

Daniel Cormier also spoke about his former The Ultimate Fighter trainee and training partner Luis Pena. Who was also arrested for Domestic Violence and subsequently released from the UFC.