EA Sports FC 24 brings a lot to the pitch, including new changes to career mode, game presentation, and even the technology used to create the game. But what about the gameplay? What does EA Sports FC 24 bring to the series in terms of gameplay that's new?

Let's see what EA has in store for their brand new football franchise without the FIFA name.

Passing & Dribbling

Precision Passing now has a visual indicator signifying where the ball is going before a pass. This means if you need to make a risky pass, you'll have a better idea of where the ball is going before you even attempt it.

Additionally, Swerve Precision Passing, as the name suggests, allows the ball to “swerve” to where you need it. It works great for lob passes when you need to get the ball out of your territory and into possession of a teammate.


Controlled Sprint Dribble enables the player to dribble the ball at a speed between jogging and sprinting while keeping the ball close to their feet. It's great for 1-on-1 interactions, giving you a slight speed boost and ball protection.

Effort Dribble Touch gives players more animations to avoid defenders. It essentially enables you to be more defensive while dribbling with the ball.

Tackling & Shooting

Possession Tackles are perhaps the most interesting feature coming to FC 24. Sometimes in FIFA games you try to tackle and steal the ball, but either get flagged for it, or just miss completely while your opponent goes to score.

In FC 24, possession tackles give you a clean way of stealing the ball rom the opponent without incurring any type of penalty. You also don't need to worry about being forcibly switched to another player, as using this ability gives your player the ball, if the move was executed correctly.

Not every player has this ability, though. If they did, all matches in FC 24 would amount to nothing but steals and tackles. Therefore, keep an eye out for players with this skill to build your roster in either Franchise or UT.

Shooting responsiveness has finally been improved, in that it's much faster than before. One thing that always seemed annoying with FIFA was players taking taking way too long to shoot the ball.

Fortunately it's a bit quicker but still feels realistic to the game of football. Overall, it's probably the best improvement coming to the series.

PlayStyles & Playstyles +

We've mentioned PlayStyles before, but they're probably the biggest game-changer coming to EA FC 24. PlayStyles are unique abilities that players have that give them an edge. Some examples include:

  • Block (+) – More goal-blocking animations (Defense)
  • Dead Ball (+) – Larger aiming line during free kicks
  • Finesse Shot (+) – More precision when performing a Finesse Shot
  • Power Header (+) – Increases ball speed after performing a header
  • Power Shot (+) – Increases Power Shot Speed
  • Speed Dribbler (+) – Faster movement speed while dribbling
  • Stop Tackle (+) – Grants player ability to perform a stop tackle
  • Trickster (+) – Unique movement animations that make player unpredictable

You'll know which players have PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ abilities when looking at their player card. This feature is available in a variety of modes:

  • Kick-Off
  • Co-Op Seasons
  • Ultimate Team
  • Career Mode
  • Clubs

EA Sports FC 24 Release Date

EA Sports FC 24 launches Friday, September 29th for PS5, PS4Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneNintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. The Ultimate Edition, which stars 31 cover athletes, including Erling Haaland, gives players 7 days of early access.

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