The Philadelphia Eagles remain to have a flawless record after their Week 3 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jalen Hurts went absolutely nuts against the Baker Mayfield-led squad. But, he could not have done it without his weapons. DeVonta Smith and AJ Brown were playing with a chip on their shoulder after a distasteful run-in with some fans. They fired back with a win and a statement, via Josh Tolentino of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“To the fan that was talking, you pissed him off,” DeVonta Smith said about AJ Brown's demeanor against the Buccaneers. The two were apparently verbally harassed before their game. Brown went into further detail about the fan's behavior, “He was talking crazy.”

The Eagles benefitted from these two playing with a chip on their shoulder. Brown had a season-high record for receiving. He caught nine receptions from 131 receiving yards. He also had an insanely good 14.6 average yards per play.

Smith, on the other hand, notched four receptions off of passes from Jalen Hurts. This netted him 28 receiving yards against the Buccaneers. His hands were able to get the Eagles seven yards per play when it was all said and done. Philadelphia dominated Tampa Bay as they scored 472 total yards compared to the Baker Mayfield-led squad who only got 174 of them. They were also efficient in scoring first downs. The Eagles had 27 while the Buccaneers only had 12 during the whole Week 3 game.

This seems like a lesson learned for the fan and his rude behavior. Smith and Brown did not play around after their comments.