The Philadelphia Eagles are riding high on the joy of victory, as they took home a 34-28 victory over the Minnesota Vikings thanks to a stellar performance from the team in the rushing department. Jalen Hurts, in particular, continued to show out as a dual-threat extraordinaire, while D'Andre Swift proved to be more than worth the price the Eagles paid in the trade that brought the hometown hero to Philly. But their Thursday night win did not come without its fair share of tension.

The Eagles didn't exactly prioritize the passing game against the Vikings, opting instead to go to Swift. This didn't appear to sit well with wide receiver AJ Brown. Brown had just four receptions on six targets, and he mustered just 29 yards as a result. This led to a testy confrontation between Brown and Hurts towards the end of the game, with the wide receiver being noticeably upset towards the Eagles quarterback.

Nevertheless, Eagles center Jason Kelce implored everyone not to make a mountain out of a molehill, as he recognized how important it is for teammates to speak their mind towards each other instead of keeping it inside and letting it fester, which could snowball into a bigger problem down the line.

“You want guys talking. We know we should be playing better than we are,” Kelce said, per John Clark of NBC Sports.

Heated confrontations among teammates have always been part of professional sports, so it's not like the Eagles are guilty of some locker room turmoil just because the cameras caught Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown barking towards each other. In the heat of the moment, emotions run high; this is especially the case when one is caught in a relatively lackluster game, like Brown was on Thursday night.

Hurts, to his credit, isn't too worried about the fallout of his confrontation, as he believes that this won't result in a huge issue for the team in the future. Perhaps what AJ Brown and the Eagles need is some space and time to process what happened during their victory over the Vikings and talk through it in a more calm setting to fully put this behind them.