The Green Bay Packers have a new sheriff in town as they enter the 2023 season. With Aaron Rodgers getting traded to the New York Jets, the Packers will be handing over the reins on offense to Jordan Love. And while this will be an interesting period of transition for the Packers, it sounds like everyone around Love is thrilled to have him leading the way.

Love has played sparingly to start his career, as he has spent most of his time sitting behind Rodgers to this point. However, that doesn't mean his impact hasn't been felt on the locker room already, and after watching how Rodgers conducted himself during their shared years in Green Bay, it sounds like Love already has the makings of a top-tier leader if you ask star running back Aaron Jones.

“Doesn’t matter if you’re on the practice squad, the last guy on the roster or the first guy on the roster, he’s greeting everybody, every day. When it comes to out on the field, he’s encouraging everybody. If something doesn’t go right, he’s still in your ear. … He’s everything you want in a leader and a quarterback. He’s really bringing these young guys along, as well, making sure they know what they’re doing, questioning them in meetings, making sure they’re on their game.” – Aaron Jones, Sports Illustrated

Jones wasn't alone in expressing these sentiments, as second-year wide receiver Romeo Doubs also expressed a high-level of confidence in Jordan Love ahead of his first season as Green Bay's starting quarterback.

“I truthfully believe he can get the job done as a first-year quarterback. I feel like from this point moving forward, it’s just working with him and understanding what he likes and wants. Just be there for him overall.” – Romeo Doubs, Sports Illustrated

Love hasn't even made it to Week 1 yet, but it seems like he is already finding a way to make a great impact in his new role with the Packers. Time will tell if Love is cut out to lead Green Bay into their next era of greatness, but it certainly looks like he has his teammates believing in him ahead of the upcoming campaign.