The recent release of The Rising Tide DLC in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) has introduced a whole lot of items to the game, including Aquamarine. In this guide, we will show you the locations of all of the Aquamarine that players can find in in Mysidia with the FF16 Rising Tide DLC.

All Aquamarine Locations In FF16

First off, players need to fulfill two conditions before they can locate Eludiums and Flawless Eludiums. The first is that they must first own The Rising Tide DLC, start it, and finish it. Afterward, they must make enough progress in the DLC's main story quest to unlock the side quest What Ails You.

Finishing What Ails You will unlock the Adder Stone, which gives players the ability to detect and gather Aquamarine from various locations in Mysidia. When near an Aquamarine, players will hear a distinct bell sound, as well as some blue and green circles radiating from the item.

Players will also receive the Serpent Ring Design Draft, allowing players to use said Aquamarines to craft various rings that were added to FF16 with the DLC.

Players can find a total of eight (8) Aquamarines all over Mysidia, so let's dive into their locations in FF16. Take note that this is for the regular playthrough of the game. The Aquamarine may have different locations if the player is in Final Fantasy Mode, or New Game Plus.

Below The Winged Wains

The First Aquamarine Location

Players can find the first Aquamarine after they leave Haven via The High Gate of Haven. Go straight North until you reach a large area. Near the group of monsters is a rock that will make the bell noise and radiate circles. Walk up to it to gather the first Aquamarine.

Maiden's Marsh

The Second Aquamarine

Players can find another Aquamarine in the Maiden's Marsh, after passing by The Dark Gate, and on the way to the temple. It will be in a small area infested by spiders. After defeating them, players will be able to get the Aquamarine behind them.

Inside a Quindim

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The Third Aquamarine

Unlike the previous Aquamarine here, some monsters in Mysidia have the Aquamarine inside of them. Much like their gatherable counterparts, they will emit a bell noise while radiating circles around them.

This particular one is located to the left of the gallery (when viewed on the map). There, players will find a Quindim with the Aquamarine inside them. Defeat it, and the player will be able to get the item.

Inside the Lesser Archelon

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The Fourth Aquamarine

Similar to the Quindim above, this Aquamarine is located inside of a monster, this time the Lesser Archelon. This turtle is located directly south of the Tailwind bay Obelisk, so just teleport there and head south. As with the Quindim, defeat the Lesser Archelon to retrieve the Aquamarine.

Near River's Edge

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The Fifth Aquamarine

Exit Haven via The Low Gate and head towards River's Edge by taking a left, Follow the Path until you get around halfway through. Along the right side of the passage near some rocks is another Aquamarine.

Below Conviction

The Sixth Aquamarine

Players can find the sixth Aquamarine by heading to The Lost Cloak Obelisk at the start of the DLC area. Follow the long path until the approach Conviction. To the right of the path is a rock wall which will contain the sixth Aquamarine.

Near Father's Fell

The Seventh Aquamarine

Return to Haven and head north out of The High Gate until you reach The Winged Wains. Turn right and follow the path on the right. Near the top part of the open area in the right Path is a singular Quindim. Defeat it, and get the Aquamarine located behind it, near the tree.

At The Sunken Ruins

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The Eighth Aquamarine

Teleport to the Riversmeet Obelisk and head straight towards The Sunken Ruins. Halfway through you will see some Ruins to your left. Approach it until you hear the ringing bells and the radiating circles. Collect to receive the eighth and last Aquamarine.

What Can You Craft With Aquamarine?

As mentioned above, the player will be able to craft four rings with the eight pieces of Aquamarine that they find. These four rings lower the cooldown of the Leviathan Eikonic Abilities that the player will also unlock in this DLC.  While this may not seem like much, they're a huge help for players who are using a Leviathan build in FF16.

That's all of the Aquamarine locations in Mysidia in the FF16 The Rising Tide DLC. The Rising Tide DLC is available either on its own or as part of the FFXVI Expansion pass. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.