HBO has announced that it has a Barry Bonds documentary currently in production. They are partnering with Word + Pictures to make the documentary, one that will capture one of the most polarizing figures in the history of professional sports, reports Deadline Hollywood.

The documentary will be highly anticipated, as footage of what many believe to be the greatest hitter of all time will certainly garner some attention. Despite still not being in the Hall of Fame, the numbers do not lie for Barry Bonds.

Barry Bonds hit 762 home runs in his career, although this is just the beginning. He finished with 1,996 RBIs, 2,558 walks, 2,935 hits, 2,227 runs, and 514 stolen bases. He did all of this while having a career slash of .298/.444/.607 for an incredible OPS of 1.051.

It is no question that these are Hall of Fame numbers, and the hypocrisy is pretty incredible that he is still not immortalized among plenty of other steroid users. Of course Bonds benefitted from using steroids, but plenty of big names were inducted into the Hall of Fame and have been outed for using steroids while having no where near the production that Bonds amassed.

This is where the documentary will probably spend a large time focusing on; the debate still rages on today whether or not Bonds should be in Cooperstown. There is even a possibility the documentary helps his campaign if the footage shows just how hard he worked and how skilled he was to accomplish what he did regardless of the steroid use. Once HBO releases the documentary on Barry Bonds, there might be a brand new light for the baseball legend in the public eye.