Ja Morant's immediate future with the Memphis Grizzlies is currently shrouded in doubt. It's not as if the Grizzlies are going to cut ties with their cornerstone superstar, but at the time being, Morant has no timetable to return amid his recent gun controversy.

Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has some advice for Ja. Chuck just wants to remind Morant that he has a tremendous opportunity in his hands right now — one that he's going to throw away if he doesn't start acting his age:

“It's time for Ja Morant to grow up,” Barkley said. “Next year, his new deal kicks in. It's worth five years, $231 million. Man, you can't screw this up. You're one of the best basketball players we got in this league. You're one of the new faces of our league. Everybody loves the way you play, and you're out here acting like a damn fool and idiot.”

Barkley is not acting all high and mighty here. In fact, the former league MVP also conceded that he too had his fair share of troubles when he was young. In Barkley's own words, “we're all stupid when we're 23.”

What Sir Charles wants Ja Morant to do right now is surround himself with the right people. The Grizzlies star is on a downward spiral, and unless he's able to get the right support system, the hole he's digging for himself might get too deep for him to come out of.

There's no denying that Ja is a troubled kid, and all of us — well, at least most of us — are rooting for him to pull through here.