Ja Morant has been on the headlines as of late due to his IG Live gun scandal and a number of other issues related to his conduct off the NBA court. Most recently, the Memphis Grizzlies star was on the news after entering a counseling program in Florida and completing it days later.

While many heaped praise on the youngster for seeking and getting the help he needs, some couldn’t help but criticize and mock him for his rather short “counseling” session. A lot of people couldn’t believe that it took that quick for Morant to finish his counseling, prompting critics to note that it’s more like a PR move for Morant and the Grizzlies.

Even ESPN analyst and veteran reporter Brian Windhorst couldn’t help but feel the same, as he noted on his “The Hoop Collective” podcast:

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“I’m a little bit worried that this whole thing is just one giant layer of public relations. The video was so bad that it required a maneuver from Ja, it required a maneuver from the Grizzlies and it required a maneuver from the NBA. The story coming out that Ja was in counseling and then he’s asked about it and he says he’s getting Reiki and anxiety breathing techniques. I wasn’t there so I don’t know, but that hit a little funny,” Windhorst said, via Reddit.

As mentioned, it’s not only Brian Windhorst who feels the same way. Many critics noted that changing one’s attitude and behavior doesn’t happen overnight or that quickly. Some also slammed the NBA for their rather “weak” punishment on the Grizzlies superstar despite how bad the situation is.

It remains to be seen when Ja will be able to return to the court, but he is eligible to get to action by March 19. He has also appeared in an interview with Jalen Rose as well, signifying that he could play soon. Whatever the case may be, here’s to hoping Morant doesn’t waste the second chance he gets.