In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Charlie Sheen opens up about his remarkable journey to sobriety, celebrating nearly six years free from the clutches of drug and alcohol addiction. The actor, once infamous for his public proclamations about having “tiger blood” and being a “rock star from Mars,” now leads a radically different life focused on single fatherhood and maintaining a consistent, healthy lifestyle.

Sheen describes his current routine, emphasizing early mornings that begin around 4:30 or 5 a.m., a stark departure from his past when mornings were centered around drinking. Reflecting on those tumultuous times, he admits to loving “some scotch in the coffee” in the morning, but a pivotal moment in 2017 prompted a profound shift.

A forgotten promise to drive his daughter to an appointment while already under the influence of alcohol was a wake-up call. Sheen recalls the heartbreaking realization when he had to call a friend to fulfill his commitment to his daughter. Witnessing her disappointment in the backseat left an indelible mark, and the actor decided it was time for change.

Quitting drinking cold turkey, Sheen acknowledges the impact of that pivotal moment and the desire to be present for his children. He shares the heartbreak of realizing his daughter's confusion when someone else had to drive her to an appointment. This event served as a catalyst for his commitment to sobriety, a decision he hasn't wavered from since.

Now, Sheen revels in his consistent lifestyle, focusing on raising his 14-year-old twin boys and cherishing the moments with his older daughters. The actor, once caught in the grips of addiction, has successfully reclaimed his life, providing a beacon of hope for those grappling with similar struggles.