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How the Stephen Curry and Doc Rivers families are related

When people think of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and coaching legend Doc Rivers, the two’s names aren’t usually intertwined. However, what if we told you that there’s a Stephen Curry-Doc Rivers related theory that isn’t a conspiracy, but actually just straight facts.

Let’s dive in on this rather uncomplicated situation.

Stephen Curry Doc Rivers Related?

The short answer is yes. Steph’s brother, Seth Curry, is married to Doc Rivers’ daughter Callie Rivers. More on that in a second.

Stephen Curry and Doc Rivers share an interesting relationship, to say the very least. The two have been a part of a rivalry that has existed between their respective squads for the past few seasons. Just last April, Rivers’ Los Angeles Clippers took on Curry’s Golden State Warriors in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs. In a hard-fought series, it was the Dubs who came away with the victory, winning in six games. Though surprisingly, their names are linked together off the court as well as on it.

Unknown to most, the Curry and Rivers families are related. Steph’s brother, Seth Curry married Doc’s daughter Callie Rivers, who is a former professional volleyball player. The two ended up getting married in September of 2019. Seth, like his brother, is fortunate enough to currently be playing in the NBA. The six-year veteran is a shooting guard for the Dallas Mavericks and has had previous stops in Portland, Sacramento, Phoenix, and Cleveland. Curry is averaging 11.5 points on 43.5% shooting from beyond the arc in 23.6 minutes per game with the Mavs this season.

Seth Curry’s significant other, Callie Rivers, played basketball, soccer, and volleyball in school as a child. Though by the time college rolled around, she decided to stick with playing only volleyball. Rivers attended The University of Florida, where she starred for the institution’s volleyball team and earned herself a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. Kristen Rivers (Doc’s wife) is her mother, and Houston Rockets shooting guard Austin Rivers is her brother.

Despite her impressive amount of success as a volleyball player in the past, she is recognized nowadays as a social media personality. The 31-year-old has quite the following on Instagram, she is a verified account with 59,000 followers. On Twitter, she has amassed an excess of 21,000 followers. Much of her posts on social media are related to what she is passionate about, which are sports (basketball and football) and pop culture.

The couple has one daughter, Carter, who was born on May 9, 2018. She is Doc’s granddaughter and Stephen’s niece. Carter marks the first person who has ever been a part of two different NBA families. Seth and Callie reside with their one-year-old baby in Los Angeles when they are not travelling for work.

Stephen Curry and Doc Rivers have had their fair share of battles on the hardwood, with each of their respective organizations competing at a high level throughout the decade. Regardless, the two have been able to put basketball aside and so have their families. The Curry and Rivers households have connected with each other on a more personal level thanks to the marriage between their relatives. It is interesting how a single marriage has been able to connect some of the league’s most well-known faces. If the Clippers and Warriors face off in the postseason in the near future, it should be fascinating to see how Steph and Doc interact with each other. Both are class acts, but when a title is on the line, they may not be as inclined to exchange pleasantries.