Though the New York Jets are still devastated after Aaron Rodgers went down with a torn achilles during the first series of Week 1, fans will absolutely love Rodgers' latest message.

During an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers made it clear how badly he wants to return to play.

Rodgers said, “Sitting my ass down to watch a whole game on Sunday was every confirmation I needed that I'm not done and I'm gonna keep playing because I'm not ready to find something else to do on my Sunday's. I'm still invested, I still love it, living and dying with every play.”

Rodgers has already made it pretty clear he plans on returning after recovering from his achilles injury, but it's still encouraging for fans to hear how excited he is to return to the field. This is especially of note after he was seriously contemplating retirement at the beginning of the offseason when he spent several days in a darkness retreat. Rodgers eventually came to the decision that he would continue playing, and was traded to the Jets. With the Jets losing back-to-back games since Rodgers went down with an injury, they should be more than excited to welcome him back.

Aaron Rodgers is currently on a two-year $75 million guaranteed contract with the Jets, which already indicated he planned on at least staying two seasons. The 18-year pro will 40-years-old when he suits up next season. Even so, Rodgers had shown he has plenty left in the tank prior to the injury.