Breaking News! Aaron Rodgers is not coming back! But coming back! And maybe even coming back for two years! That’s the New York Jets quarterback’s message in a nutshell that he gave during his regular “Aaron Rodgers Tuesday” spot on the Pat McAfee Show.

As the 5-9 Jets sink further toward the bottom of the standings after a 30-11 loss to the Miami Dolphins in Week 15, Rodgers will not be coming back in the 2023 season from the Achilles injury he suffered four plays into Week 1.

However, Pat McAfee Show co-host Darius Butler asked the QB on Tuesday, “Will last season be the ‘Last Dance’ for A-Rod?”

“I don’t think so. I felt like when I came here I got kind of a renewed passion and love for the game, and everything has been amazing here,” Rodgers responded. I wanted at least two years, and I feel like this year is kind of a lost year. … I don’t think next year will be my last year.”

Rodgers, who turned 40 in December, says that the injury has actually helped him believe he can play at a high level after the big 4-0.

“With some of the things that I’ve learned over the last year taking care of my body and surrounding myself with some great people who’ve been helping me with my nutrition and my functional training at an acute level, I feel like I can play more years, and I can be effective into my forties, which is crazy.”

As for how he feels about the Jets next season and beyond, Aaron Rodgers told the Pat McAfee Show crew, “It’s not a situation where we have to rebuild. We need to reload a little bit.”

Rodgers also mentioned some “tough decisions” the franchise will have to make moving forward to accommodate him, but it sounds like figuring out the starting QB situation isn’t one of them.