The New York Jets pulled off a miraculous victory Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, spoiling their home opener 31-30. What made the win truly improbably was the situation the Jets found themselves in late. Any team trailing by 13 or more points with under two minutes left had lost 2,331 consecutive games. That streak ended Sunday as Joe Flacco and the Jets pulled it off.

With 1:55 left in the game, Browns running back Nick Chubb scored his third touchdown of the game. That put the Jets in a 30-17 hole. Facing insurmountable odds, they did not fold. Instead, they made plays.

On just the second play on the ensuing drive, Jets QB Joe Flacco hit Corey Davis for a 66-yard touchdown. That cut the deficit to 30-24 after the extra point. That led to the onside kick which the Jets also managed to recover.

All of the momentum was in the Jets favor and they took advantage. Flacco hit rookie wide receiver Garrett Wilson for the game-winning 15-yard touchdown with 22 seconds remaining. Wilson had a monster game, finishing with eight catches for 102 yards and two touchdowns in the win.

The Browns were looking to improve to 2-0 without their star QB Deshaun Watson. They pulled out a crazy win against the Carolina Panthers in Week 1 but had some of their medicine served to them Sunday. Instead, the Jets improve to 1-1 on the season and are showing promise of improvement in Robert Saleh's second season as head coach.

New York will face the disappointing Cincinnati Bengals in Week 3.