The New York Jets were so close to pulling off a stunning upset win at home on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, and they could have done so if it were not for a crucial no-call during the fourth quarter involving Patrick Mahomes.

With the Chiefs in a third-and-22 game situation, Mahomes was able to make a 25-yard run to pick up a first down. Several Jets and NFL fans and many other observers were left perplexed over the absence of a holding penalty call on the Chiefs during that big play.

“Jets and Saleh got a point on this one. That’s a joke of a hold on a converted 3rd and 22 run by Mahomes, ” Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports said of the non-call.

“That is a world class hold right there. 10/10,” chimed in Bob Sturm.

Aaron Torres was just as flabbergasted: “There's an old saying that you have to be 10+ points better than Kansas basketball when you play them at Phog Allen because the refs are going to give them a bunch of points on bad foul calls. Apparently it's the same with the Chiefs, pretty much anywhere they play 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️”

The Chiefs, able to secure a first down, managed to burn the clock down, never allowing the Jets to get control of the ball again. That final drive by the Chiefs also came just after a costly fumble by New York quarterback Zach Wilson.

The Jets will just have to soak it all up, as they turn their attention next to the Denver Broncos for a Week 5 game in Mile High City.