The New York Jets have one sack and have been carved up by quarterbacks Dak Prescott and Mac Jones in the past two games. This week, they face the Kansas City Chiefs and their elite QB, Patrick Mahomes. But none of that diminishes the swagger of Jets edge rusher Jermaine Johnson.

When asked about facing Mahomes, the two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Johnson had a confident reply. Via Paul Andrew Esden Jr:

“We got something for him. We got something for him,” Johnson stated.

Johnson best hope that defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich has an amazing game plan to contain Mahomes or else it could be a long night for the Jets on Sunday. Mahomes has thrown seven TDs and has a 99.5 passer rating through three games. He threw for more than 5,000 yards last season and is one TD pass shy of 200 in his NFL career.

Oh, and the elusive Mahomes has rushed for 103 yards on 16 carries this season (6.4 yards per rush).

Jermaine Johnson says no excuses for Jets, ‘make plays'

If you think Prescott and Jones unload the ball quickly, just wait to watch Mahomes, who processes things so fast that it leads to getting the ball out of his hand in no time, frustrating defenders along the way. And the Jets defense certainly was frustrated by Prescott and Jones in consecutive losses the past two weeks.

“Yeah, they’ve been getting rid of it fast, but as we like to say in our room, playmakers make big plays no matter what,” Johnson explained. “Yeah, they’re going to get the ball out fast, they going to get (maximum protection) … at the end of the day, you’re either going to get sacks or not.

“Doesn’t matter. Make plays.”

The 2022 first-round pick is starting ahead of veteran Carl Lawson and has one sack, five QB pressures, and 10 tackles in the first three games.

Make no mistake, Johnson and the Jets (1-2) need to make a lot of big plays in order to hang with the Chiefs (2-1) this week.