With the arrival of Aaron Rodgers, expectations have taken off for the New York Jets in 2023. For the first time in a long time this season, they will face intense scrutiny and there will be extreme pressure on the Jets to win and contend for the Super Bowl.

That’s heavy stuff for a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 12 seasons nor the Super Bowl since 1969. But the Jets appear to be embracing their status change, moving from the outhouse to the penthouse in the NFL.

“Pressure is a privilege,” veteran offensive tackle Duane Brown said.

Like Brown, linebacker C.J. Mosley is thrilled Rodgers is a Jet and, with that, the perception of the team has changed dramatically.

“We’ve got a bigger target on our backs,” Mosley said. “But that’s exactly what we want.”

Neither Brown, 37, nor Mosley, soon to be 31, have won a Super Bowl championship. Rodgers won a title with the Green Bay Packers and said he wants another ring with the Jets.

That’s right, Rodgers sought a trade to the Jets because he believes they can win a championship.

“In the past, other teams were chalking us up (as a win) when they saw the Jets on the schedule,” Mosley explained.

Times really are changing.

The Jets were 7-4 last season, seemingly on their way to ending a long playoff drought. They lost their final six games as the offense collapsed around underperforming quarterback Zach Wilson.

With so many quality pieces in place, the Jets sought a veteran upgrade over Wilson at the most important position. Enter Rodgers.

“The room is buzzing right now,” defensive tackle Solomon Thomas said. “And it’s buzzing for a reason. You bring in a solidified Hall of Famer like Aaron Rodgers and it’s going to change some things.

“Yeah, one guy can definitely have that much of an impact.”

Added guard Laken Tomlinson, “He makes a difference with his confidence, with his communication. He makes a difference with his level of play. … It makes everyone be on their ‘A Game' every day.”

By adding Rodgers, there’s also a difference in what’s expected for the Jets this season. And, at least right now, they’ll take it, thank you very much.