The New York Jets came away like bandits during the 2022 NFL Draft. Armed with four of the top 36 pick, three coming in the first round and two in the top 10, it was more than likely that they would collect some high-level talent.

But their haul came out much more tantalizing than initially anticipated, prompting wide-scale celebration from Jets fans everywhere. Cornerback Sauce Gardner, wide receiver Garrett Wilson, edge rusher Jermaine Johnson, and running back Breece Hall represent a massive talent infusion at several key spots for New York.

While the Jets are obviously ecstatic with their early-round selections, head coach Robert Saleh isn't counting his chickens before they hatch just yet. The veteran coach knows that NFL Draft evaluations mean nothing until the picks pay off or fall short of expectations.

Via New York Post:

“I’ve also been in places where we’ve been universally mocked,” head coach Robert Saleh said. “We took Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson in the first three rounds [of the 2012 draft in Seattle] and got a D grade, if I remember right. It doesn’t matter. We’ve got to develop these young men. They’ve got to come in and they’ve got to perform. We’ve got to put them in the best position possible. We’ll know in about three years.”

The New York Jets just gave their future prospects a shot in the arm. But until it manifests itself on the on-field product with some wins and perhaps a postseason berth, it's nothing but potential at this point. Robert Saleh knows it too.