The New York Jets are getting ready for the 2023 NFL season. They want to do better than they did last year. As the preseason goes on, the team has some tough choices to make about who will be on their team. In this article, we're going to talk about four players who haven't been doing too well during training camp and preseason. They might be surprised to find out they're not going to be on the team when Week 1 starts. This could really change how the team does in the new season.

How the New York Jets Did Last Season

Before we talk about which players might not make the team, let's take a quick look back at how the Jets did last season. Needless to say, it was a tough time for the team. They ended up with 7 wins and 10 losses. Even though some moments gave fans hope, the team just couldn't stay consistent and meet expectations. This not-so-good season made the team realize they needed to make some changes and get better for the new year. That's exactly what they did when they brought in superstars Aaron Rodgers and Dalvin Cook, among others. Now the expectations are sky-high.

Now, let's check out the four players on the Jets who might not be on the team when the season starts.

1. Zonovan Knight

Running back Zonovan Knight was supposed to do really well in the 2023 NFL preseason. People thought he was fast and could move around really easily. However, when it came to playing, he didn't do as well as everyone hoped. He hasn't made a strong impact during the preseason. This has made people worry that he might not help the team's offense as they wanted. This explains why Knight might not stay on the team. Remember that the team just got Dalvin Cook last week. This means they have such a crowded backfield already.

Keep in mind also that in the game against the Buccaneers, Knight got to carry the ball a lot. Despite that, he only got 33 yards and even dropped the ball once. He caught a few passes, but one of them didn't stick. Consequently, he might be one of the players the team doesn't keep when they have to make cuts.

2. Irvin Charles

Wide receiver Irvin Charles has not been doing well. In their preseason game against the Panthers, Charles didn't catch the ball at all. Heck, he even messed up once when he tried to catch a pass from QB Zach Wilson. He hasn't caught any balls in the two games so far. That's not good when you're trying to show you're good enough to stay on the team.

He was on the field for 28 plays. Some of the time he was a receiver, and other times he helped with blocking. Regardless, his performance wasn't so great. Sure, he was better at blocking, but he didn't do very well overall.

The good thing is that Charles did help out a little on special teams. He was part of four out of six special teams plays. Still, he might not be able to stay on the team when Week 1 rolls in.

3. Javelin Guidry

Javelin Guidry is a cornerback whom people thought would do really well. He's known for being good at covering the other team's players. However, during the preseason, he didn't show how good he can be on defense. He didn't make a big impact like everyone thought he would. People are starting to think that maybe he's not the best choice for the team's secondary.

Again, Guidry didn't do so well in their game against the Panthers. He missed two tackles and let the other team catch the ball twice when they threw it to the players he was guarding. This isn't good for him, especially when other players like Jimmy Moreland did much better in the same game.

4. Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall is another cornerback on the Jets. He did well in past seasons, but during the preseason, he has not done as well. People thought he would show how good he is, but he didn't do a great job in the practice games. This has made people wonder if he can still be a good player for the team.

Hall couldn't even play in one game because he was hurt. He hurt his body and had to sit out. He's been on the team for four years, but his spot on the team isn't safe. He's been inconsistent, which means he doesn't always play well. Of course, missing games in the preseason isn't helping his chances to stay on the team.

What's Next for the Jets

The New York Jets have some big choices to make as they get ready for the 2023 NFL season. They want to do better than last year, so they're looking really closely at who should be on the team. Head coach Robert Saleh is trying to make the team strong and ready to win. Getting rid of some players and keeping others will be important for how well the team does in the new season.

As the Jets get ready for the 2023 NFL season, they have to make some hard choices about their team. Zonovan Knight, Irvin Charles, Javelin Guidry, and Bryce Hall haven't been doing great in the practice games, and they might not stay on the team. If these players get cut, it could really change how the team does in the new season. With a new coach and a new focus on getting better, the Jets are working hard to turn things around and have a great 2023 NFL season.