Zach Wilson has been trending as of late, and it has nothing to do with him being the QB for the New York Jets. Wilson's ex-girlfriend accused him of sleeping with his mom's best friend. The accusation got quite the response on social media. Some felt it was disgusting and threw shade at Wilson. Others, such as his teammates, were impressed to say the least.

The New York Post shared some of Wilson's teammates' reactions.

“No cap! Zach Wilson is the (goat),” wide receiver Elijah Moore said.

“Wait til you touch down dawg… You gon love Deuce,” receiver Garrett Wilson tweeted.

Wilson's ex, Abbey Gile, likely expected more backlash towards the QB when she made the accusation. She originally made the accusation because she was being called a “homie hopper” after dating Wilson's BYU college teammate.

Fans shared a number of hilarious reactions to the Zach Wilson news. The fact that Wilson played his college ball for the BYU Cougars only added to the meme-worthy posts scattered online.

The Jets quarterback has yet to respond to Gile's accusation. But in a season where many expect Wilson to take the next step on the field, he needs to limit any off the field distractions. The Jets are also hoping to make a postseason run this season. It will be interesting to see if he continues to stay silent on the issue or issues a statement.

Regardless, it is clear that Wilson's teammates have his back.

The following meme sums up the reaction to the Wilson accusation.