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Joey Bosa experiencing erratic, different responses from fans on social media

joey bosa

If you search a NFL player’s name on social media sites, especially Twitter, you’ll see a wide range of opinions. Some people have nice things to say, but the majority are critical, and sometimes, quite nasty.

It’s a week-to-week league. If a guy performs at a high level on Sunday, the positive reaction will only last until he has a poor outing.

San Diego Chargers number three overall pick Joey Bosa is picking up on this trend quickly.

The Ohio State product held out before finally signing a contract at the end of training camp. Some fans supported Bosa’s stance, but many more berated him.

The gauge of Bosa’s popularity didn’t improve after he signed. He endured a strained hamstring, keeping him out for the first four weeks of the season.

Bosa finally made his debut this past Sunday against the rival Oakland Raiders, and he didn’t disappoint. He had five tackles and two sacks while consistently pressuring Derek Carr, giving the Chargers a new element on defense that they didn’t have previously.

As a result, the tone of fans regarding Bosa has changed. From Marty Caswell of The Mighty 1090 Sports Radio:

Joey Bosa says reaction from Chargers fans on social media has gone from “God, I hated you” to “I just bought your jersey.”

Depending on how Bosa plays this week, that reaction will either remain positive or crank back to a much darker place.

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