Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady reportedly engaged in a lively bidding war over a George Condo painting at the Reform Alliance Charity event in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Apparently, Kim initiated the bidding at $500,000, with Tom countering with a higher bid. This led to an entertaining back-and-forth between the two celebrities. Witnesses described the atmosphere as “super fun and flirty,” as Kim and Tom shared giggles and exchanged glances.

Now, shipping the two won't be an issue. Both are separated, left with their children, single, and are financially compatible.

A recent report details that Kim and Odell Beckham Jr. are spending time together in a casual manner. There have been no sightings for the two but Kim is reportedly focusing on her children and business. Meanwhile, Tom Brady and Irina Shayk are putting a pause on their dates. Although there are no close sources to verify this.

As the bidding reached $2 million, event organizers decided to award both Kim and Tom their own George Condo paintings. However, there was a catch: both had to pay $2 million for their respective artworks. But this amount is considered trivial for the affluent pair.

The Reform Alliance's Casino Night, chaired by Jay-Z, Michael Rubin, and Meek Mill, aimed to raise funds for the transformation of probation and parole laws. Tickets for the gala event started at $500,000. It drew high-profile attendees like Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady to support the cause.

At present, both Kim and Tom are living a single life while also spending time with their family and friends.