Kourtney Kardashian is facing criticism from the Mayor of Malibu, Mayor Bruce Silverstein, who alleges that her team provided false information to secure a permit for an event that was not what it claimed to be.

According to Mayor Silverstein, Kourtney's event planner submitted an application to the city. It stated that the event was a baby shower. And it even requested an “Emergency Expedited Permit for Large Event” at a single-family house.

This request was partly due to concerns about parking. Plus, because Kourtney doesn't own the house and will only rent it.

However, the Mayor contends that the baby shower was a ruse.

The real purpose of the gathering was to promote Poosh Camp, Kourtney's health and wellness brand. The permit application indicated that 94 guests would attend the “baby shower.” But approximately 600 guests actually turned up for the Poosh event.

Mayor Silverstein expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation.

“[The] City of Malibu Continues to Place Celebrities and the Uber Wealthy Over Residents: City Staff Sells Out to Kardashian and Grants Emergency Expedited Permit for Large Event in a Vacant Single-Family Home in Private Neighborhood.”

Kourtney's 600-guest party may have also bothered residents, said the Malibu Mayor.

The Mayor also revealed hearing conflicting stories about the nature of the event. One version described it as Kourtney's baby shower hosted by the property owner and another as an “influencer event” held in a rented house.

None of the Kardashian family members were reported to have attended the event, which was primarily a commercial promotion. Among the celebrity guests were Diplo, Ariana Madix, and the Gorillaz.

Kourtney Kardashian will be answering authorities as Mayor Silverstein calls for an internal investigation to determine if any City employees were involved in the alleged deception. The meeting will take place on Monday to address the matter further.