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Lakers star LeBron James gets ripped apart again by Ted Cruz amid Enes Kanter beef

Lakers, LeBron James

In spite of all the great things he’s done throughout his career, one thorn that remains on the side of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is his alleged ties with China. Boston Celtics big man Enes Kanter Freedom put a spotlight on this issue of late after he relentlessly called out LeBron for supposedly supporting the communist Chinese rule and its oppressive and abusive ways.

Kanter has the full support of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who previously commended the Celtics center for his bravery not only in publicly lamenting the Lakers star, but more importantly, for his strong stance against China. The senator has now doubled down on own his criticism of LeBron in a recent podcast appearance:

“You have people like LeBron James defending the communist dictators who engage in murder and torture and run concentration camps,” Cruz said. “I gotta say, Enes Kanter calling out LeBron James, I thought his shoes were hysterical with LeBron bowing before the Chinese communist overlords.”

Cruz went off in his rant here as he slammed the Chinese government over the controversial disappearance of top-ranked female tennis player Feng Shuo. The senator also saw this as an opportunity to take more shots not only at the Lakers superstar but also, towards the NBA in general.

Cruz has always been a staunch critic of LeBron and he uses every opportunity he can to point out James’ faults, particularly when it comes to his alleged links to China. Needless to say, Ted Cruz isn’t slowing down anytime soon.