The NBA All-Star Weekend took an electrifying turn as Sabrina Ionescu of the New York Liberty squared off against Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors in a historic three-point contest. The contest marked the first occasion where a WNBA and NBA player competed head-to-head in such a challenge, with Curry narrowly securing a victory over Ionescu, 29-26. The event, which unfolded on a Saturday night, has sparked conversations and excitement about the future of the three-point contest, especially with Ionescu hinting at an interesting development for next year's showdown.

Sabrina Ionescu, known for her remarkable shooting ability and her standout performance in leading the Liberty to the WNBA Finals, proposed an interesting twist for the next three-point battle.

“We've been talking about different ways to change this up next year. I think he has a partner in mind that's gonna join him. I'm open to any partner that can help me win and take that belt that he has,” Ionescu said after Saturday's contest, via ClutchPoints.

Ionescu's expertise was on full display during the contest, starting 7 for 7 and finishing with 18 of 27 shots made. Her performance not only demonstrated her top-tier shooting skills but also set the stage for what could become an annual highlight of the All-Star Weekend. The competition came to be after Ionescu's record-breaking 37-point performance in the WNBA's three-point contest last season, surpassing Curry's previous record of 31 points. Curry gave a shout-out to Ionescu on social media for the accomplishment, and the Liberty star jokingly challenged him to a three-point competition.

The potential addition of Klay Thompson to the mix would elevate the competition, introducing a new dynamic and possibly setting the stage for another unforgettable spectacle. With next year's All-Star festivities set to take place in San Francisco, Curry's home ground, and Ionescu's connection to the Bay Area, the stage is perfectly set for another epic showdown.

The  three-point contest reflects the increasing collaboration between the NBA and WNBA, and showcases the exceptional talent prevalent in both leagues. As fans look forward to official announcements and specifics about next year's competition, the possibility of seeing top shooters from both leagues join forces for a unique three-point showdown brings an added level of excitement to the NBA All-Star Weekend.