The New York Mets are hoping for the ultimate bullpen return of Edwin Diaz coming back before the end of the season. But as they wait for Diaz, the Mets have made another, more underrated, addition to their pen.

The Mets have acquired Vinny Nittoli in a trade with the Chicago Cubs. Nittoli had recently opted out of his minor league contract. What New York gave up to land Nittoli has yet to be revealed.

Nittoli joined the MLB as a 25th round pick of the Seattle Mariners back in 2014. He bounced around the minor league circuit and independent baseball before finding his way back to the Mariners in 2021. Then, he got his first chance in the big leagues. The Philadelphia Phillies offered him a similar chance during the 2022 season.

Still, Nittoli has only appeared in three games totaling three innings in the major leagues. He holds a 6.00 ERA with a 2/3 K/BB ratio. To Nittoli's credit, he didn't allow an earned run during his two appearances with the Phillies in 2022.

In his latest attempt to come back to the majors, Nittoli signed a minor league deal with the Cubs in January. Through 16 AAA appearances, Nittoli put up a 3.48 ERA and a 22/7 K/BB ratio.

The Mets are still trying to crawl their way back to the top of the NL East. Vinny Nittoli won't immediately boost their chances. But as New York looks to improve their bullpen for a potential playoff push, perhaps Nittoli gets another chance in the major leagues with the Mets.