Steve Cohen is set to watch his New York Mets take on the Miami Marlins in the team's home opener. Before first pitch, the Mets owner threw the first punch by roasting Marlins faithful.

Miami hosted New York in a four game series to start the season. Cohen was in attendance on Opening Day. As he watched, Cohen saw much more Mets apparel than he did Marlins, via SNY.

“I think there were more Mets fans than were Marlins fans in the stadium on Opening Day,” Cohen said. “That was a live group. They're passionate. I had a blast hanging out with them and taking pictures. It was a lot of fun.”

The Mets ended up winning on Opening Day, 5-3. In fact, New York ended up winning three out of four games in the series. Now, Miami will come to town for an early season rematch.

While it's still very early, both teams have been on different trajectories as of late. The Mets just got swept in a three game series by the Milwaukee Brewers. New York was outscored 26-6 in the series with all of their runs coming in game three.

Miami, on the other hand, is currently riding a two-game win streak. The Marlins took the game two games in their series against the Twins, shutting out Minnesota 1-0 in their last game.

Still, both teams will enter the series with a modest 3-4 record. Steve Cohen remembers seeing plenty of Mets fans when the team played in Miami. With the Marlins coming to New York for the home opener, Cohen is expecting even more Mets jerseys in the crowd.