An NBA 2K24 Game Trial is coming for free to Nintendo Switch Online Members for a limited time. If you've never played NBA 2K, but want to get into the series, now might be the way to check out the latest release. The most recent basketball video game title from 2K features real teams, players, uniforms, stadiums, and more along with a plethora of game modes to explore. We'll show you how you can play as your favorite NBA teams for just a limited time.

How To Play NBA 2K24 On Switch For Free

From April 17th – April 23rd, Nintendo Switch Online Members can enjoy a free NBA 2K24 Game Trial. This enables players play the latest entry in the NBA 2K series, which features Lakers' legend Kobe Bryant as the cover athlete. The game officially released back in September of 2023, but this free trial comes as the NBA playoffs officially begins.

Overall, NBA 2K24 offers many of the same returning modes:

  • MyPLAYER – Create and customize your own NBA Player take into The Neighborhood or on the courts. Train, practice, and upgrade your attributes to make your MyPLAYER a living legend on and off the court. Additionally, create your own custom player template, or use one of several pre-existing templates that mirror real players.
  • MyCAREER – Take your MyPLAYER to the next level in MyCAREER by experiencing their NBA journey from draft day to retirement. Play for the same team, request a trade, or make a big move in free agency. Either way, you control which path your career will take. The end goal is always the same, to be the best NBA Player there ever was
  • MyTEAM – A card collecting mode that allows you to build a team of legendary players, both current and active. Furthermore, the developers always add new MyTEAM content on a weekly basis. This means new packs, new promos, or new events to keep you grinding for the best lineup possible.
  • MyNBA – Perhaps the best franchise mode among the major sports titles. Pick a team to lead to greatness by drafting future stars, making big offseason moves, and winning regular season games. Overall, MyNBA lets you take your favorite franchise and lead them to glory.

Additionally, NBA 2K24 offers a plethora of other modes to explore. Firstly, The W, or The W Online, lets you play as your favorite WNBA teams and players. If you want something quicker, 2K24 does offer a basic play now mode. However, they also included various options of play now that offer you different and exciting ways to play the game. Lastly, NBA 2K24 also lets you create and customize a boat load of rosters.

That about wraps up everything you need to know about the NBA 2K24 Game Trial dropping for Nintendo Switch Online Members. We hope you enjoy the game should you decide to pick it up. If you do, make sure to redeem the latest locker codes for more free content. Furthermore make sure to check out the latest episodes of 2KTV, which reward players with VC for answering questions.

And if you're not much of a gamer, check out our own simulations of the NBA Play-In Tournament. Sit back, relax and enjoy the game predict who will win it all.

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