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Stephen Curry, Jayson Tatum, Bradley Beal admit watching own highlights as suspension continues


If NBA fans are bummed that they don’t have any basketball to see, they should feel comfortable by the fact that they’re also struggling to live their lives without basketball. A couple of the league’s most exciting players have come clean with their basketball withdrawal recently.

The surprise admission began with a hapless question from Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie. He asked his fellow NBA players if they’re going through their own YouTube highlights to make up for the fact that they can’t play the game they love dearly.

Stephen Curry was quick to admit his guilt regarding this situation. The Golden State Warriors point guard even said that he’s watched his NBA highlights at least twice a day to keep his spirits up. The fact that he’s been out for most of the season makes the answer all the more endearing for Dubs fans.

Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal also admitted that he’s not averse to watching his own highlights. After all, it must be nice for him to watch himself thrive this season. It could also be a good break for him since he’s been carrying the entire Wizards roster this season.

Jayson Tatum is having a breakout year and is putting up incredible performances left and right. Now that he’s established himself as a bona fide NBA star, there are definitely a couple of entertaining highlight packages of him playing this season. It would be hard to blame Tatum for binge-watching when that’s the only thing he’s been doing all day.

While the other NBA players have been mum on Dinwiddie’s query, it’s almost certain that they are coming up with ways to overcome the boredom of not playing basketball. Expect more ballers to come clean as the days go on.