Being the 11th-best in the Eastern Conference is not ideal for a squad that has postseason aspirations. The Brooklyn Nets have parted ways with Jacque Vaughn after the team only had 21 wins in the season so far. Mikal Bridges, Cam Thomas, and the rest of the squad are now 21.5 games back from being atop their conference. Huge changes are coming for them in the offseason. It could mean the arrival of former Milwaukee Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer.

Marc Stein outlined that a lot of teams are considering the head honcho of the 2021 championship-winning Bucks for a coaching spot. The Nets just so happened to fire their coach, Jacque Vaughn, and need a breath of fresh air after a terrible season so far.

“Mike Budenholzer’s name immediately circulated as a potential Nets candidate in the wake of Vaughn’s dismissal, which was no surprise given Marks’ and Budenholzer’s shared ties to San Antonio. But, Bud figures to be a top contender for multiple offseason job openings. He surely has an incentive to see how the coaching market develops,” he reports.

There is still no certainty if the Nets do get him this offseason. However, they would benefit from Bud's schemes. These mixed with his wits in crafting rotations that can win games, manage fatigue, and develop players well. He did exactly that with Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is to say that he won't be able to do the same with the Nets?

Why Budenholzer is perfect for the Nets

Nets Mikal Bridges shoots over Celtics Jordan Walsh

Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez were not really known as scorers who could hit shots before they entered the Bucks system. Then, Budenholzer arrived and switched things up. Both of them were able to develop into All-Star caliber players and got a better feel for their outside shots.

The Nets have all the weapons to do the same. They have insanely talented wings in Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson. Nicolas Claxton is the hyper athletics big man with strength who has minimal shooting. Cam Thomas then acts as the Nets' microwave for when they need an instant offense. It's a great fit for both squads. Hopefully, it happens.