Madden 24 is already off to a rocky start in terms of quality and attention to detail. We've seen the problems with the deluxe edition cover, and the inclusion of the old Cardinals Jersey in the announcement trailer, but things didn't stop there.

Madden 24 is apparently a “make-or-break” game for EA Sports management (insert laughter here). But time after time again they prove to us that this is not the case. Since the developers own the exclusive rights to use NFL teams in their game, there stands no competition. Therefore, there's no reason to worry about making a limited gaming experience.

Yesterday, the official Madden 24 twitter page uploaded a video titled “Madden 24: 24 Reasons To Play”.

The video shows off the supposedly new and improved blocking system. In previous Madden titles, the AI didn't know how to block, especially in open field situations. This annoyance took away countless numbers of touchdowns, big gains, and potential game-winners. But EA Sports apparently wants to improve that feature.

Here's the video below:

Fans Call Out Glaring Issue in Madden 24

While the game developers (along with whoever put this video together) think they have a good blocking system in place, fans were quick to call out a major issue.

You probably caught it right away, but if you didn't skip about 7 seconds into the video. The first clip shows Philadelphia Eagles‘ RB Rashaad Penny running the ball, with Eagles Linemen Jason Kelce and Landon Dickerson providing blocks for him. Looks good to see the AI blocking, right?

Well at first glance it looks that way, but further inspection of the clip shows something rather embarrassing. Just take a look downfield at WR A.J. Brown, who completely ignores the block and runs away from the action. Now while we don't know Brown personally, we know he's not the type of player to shy away from a block. In fact, had Brown made that block, Penny could probably could have ran down the sideline all the way to pay dirt.

The new blocking system, in all honesty, looks exactly the same as in Madden 23. While we've yet to play the game, the issue is obvious in the gameplay video. It's simply too obvious to ignore.

We're not the only ones who pointed the problem out earlier, as fans were quick to call out the issue.

Despite the effort from EA Sports to use influencers like tall6uy to help promote the game, nothing seems to help. The tweet mostly received negative responses as fans are upset with the lack of improvements to the series overall.

Release Date

We'll see if EA Sports is able to address such a major issue before the game launches later this month. Between the rushed attempts to improve Franchise relocation, and the mistakes seen on the cover and in the gameplay, things aren't looking great.

But in fairness, Madden 24 tries to improve in other areas like Franchise and the inclusion of Mini-Games. But let's see if the pros are able to outweigh the cons in just a couple weeks.

Madden 24 launches on August 18th, 2023, for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via EA App, Steam, and Epic Games Store. It comes out on August 15th for those who pre-ordered the game's Deluxe Edition.

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