When the Creed Brothers were reinstated in NXT at the end of August following an odd feud with Schism, it felt like surely Shawn Michaels and company had something planned for the collegiate grappling standouts, maybe even at No Mercy.

Sure, the tag team, with Ivy Nile by their side, had found plenty of success in the WWE Universe, winning more matches than they've lost as members of the promotion, but after being booked like legitimate Superstars since making their returns, with Julius hitting a combination leg lock power bomb in their Steel Cage match with the Dyad, and Brutus running wild with a door in that very same match, it looked like maybe the Creeds were going to earn some more gold before they leave for RAW or SmackDown.

Working a fourway match against Out The Mud, Los Lotharios, and The Tony D'Angelo Family, the Creeds continued their dominant ways, with Brutus hitting on a particularly impressive bomb that leveled the entire playing field outside of the ring, but in the end, they just weren't afforded a chance to secure the win, as, after D'Angelo returned to the ring following a knee injury spot, he was able to secure a pin on Lucien Price with Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo defending his attempt.

Will the Creed Brothers eventually get another shot at the NXT Tag Team Titles? Honestly, it's hard to know, as the injury spot in this match felt like the perfect opportunity to make a change while keeping both teams in the title picture. Oh well, hopefully HBK has something else in mind after No Mercy.