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Ohio State football news: Cardale Jones pokes fun at Tom Herman

Leave it to former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Cardale Jones to not allow this Urban Meyer-Tom Herman thing to die. On Saturday, in what would eventually be an Ohio State loss, Jones poked fun at the new Texas Longhorns coach.

You might need a little backstory here.

All of this started when Meyer claimed he was over coaches making excuses.

“That’s like, when I got here, everybody wanted me to say Jim Tressel left the cupboard bare,” Meyer said. “If I heard any assistant coach [say that], they’d be gone. You’re done.

“Those are your players. I hear TV guys [say], ‘Wait until they get their own players in there.’ They’re our players. What do you mean ‘their players?’ The minute you sign a contract, they’re your players.

“You didn’t choose me, I chose you. You’re mine, absolutely. I love you, and I’m going to kick the shit out of you, and we’re going to do it right …

“[Blaming players] drives me insane.”

That was after Tom Herman had a presser in which he said he couldn’t sprinkle pixie dust on his players to magically make them better.

Herman responded to Meyer earlier in the week with a giant shoulder shrug:

“I don’t have time to worry about comments made by somebody else about their program,” Herman said, referring to Meyers’ criticism of him, as transcribed by Sports Day. “I’m worried about our program and winning a game. Anybody that’s been around me and our staff for the last nine months knows we’ve never disparaged the previous staff or our current players.”

As it should be, it appears the winner between the beef between Herman and Urban Meyer is Cardale Jones.